G37 High Flow Cats Worth It

I have motordyne art pipes and i was a bit concerned in the beginning but they've really grown on me. G35 forum, g37 forum, g25 forum, q40 forum g35 and g37 general discussions g35 and g37 engine, drivetrain & tuning g35 and g37 interior, exterior and audio g35 and g37 suspension, brakes, wheels and tires g37 convertible forum g35 and g37 modification database infiniti q50 / q60 forum infiniti m35 and m45 forum

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A regular catalytic converter works by having the exhaust gasses flow through a ceramic honeycomb structure that is coated in various rare metals.

G37 high flow cats worth it. You get more power, better fuel economy. Are they really worth the money? I was thinking about buying the stillen headers and high flow cats.

Mon apr 11, 2005 10:43 am. Perfect for forced induction use. Parts for sale (private classifieds) 0:

Hello guys, i have a couple of questions. The stillen headers / hi flow cats. They're test pipes, yeah, but they're actually quieter than most other test pipes and even high flow cats.

What do high flow cats do? Most g37 owners get this unit only for the sound. I'm not even sure removing the cats altogether helps enough to live with the exhaust smell and emissions issues.

Metallic substrate offers higher flow and lighter weight and uses advanced spiral wound ultra thin foil. Well i finally got my ultimate racing high flow cats. [wtb] ark high flow cats or f.i.

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The art pipes sound great, but damn are they expensive. This is where a high flow catalytic converter comes into play. One roll of z1 heat wrap can be included at a discount rate using the options below.

Until i see some flow bench tests of stock vs. Livernois can tell you what all these things are worth on the dyno. I was thinking about buying the stillen headers and high flow cats.

You probably won’t see any noticeable power gain with this exhaust system — unless it’s paired with high flow cats and performance headers. These might be worth 10hp or something like that. Come join the discussion about performance.

So i'm buying high flow cats today in hopes of curing the sound problems. They are obdii & 49 state compliant. These cats make my borla stingers really sing, but keeps the volume livable in the car.

Deleting the catalytic converter is a tempting option and for good reason. High flow or back to back dyno runs with only the cats changed to something supposedly more high performance, i'll never buy that they aid in performance. Hello guys, i have a couple of questions.

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Long tube headers are not worth the money. Parts for sale (private classifieds) 1: Erz high flow cats for good oem cats with low miles only (15k or less.

Postby razi » mon dec 12, 2011 8:59 pm. Z1 exhaust wrap is ideal for wrapping test pipes, high flow cats, or any other radiant heat sources under hood or under the car. Test pipes aren't really worth it on these cars, to be honest.

A forum community dedicated to nissan 350z / 370z and infiniti g35 / g37 owners and enthusiasts. There is no magic super free flow catalytic converter out there and any company that tries to sell you one is not quite telling you the truth, the sad thing is, there are some web sites claiming they have high flow performance cats, and by the way at a huge inflated price, when in fact all you will be buying is the same converter you would. Includes 4 14'' stainless steel.

There won't be a noticeable difference in power. High flow cats (res preferred) or f.i. Cat back & intakes.even high flow cats will net you better gains for less money.however getting a tune is a must with all of the mods, i mean you will get a hp bump that may be noticeable but with a tune it will run efficiently and bump your hp output past just the bolt ons.

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The trick is the stainless spun construction. There installed and man worth every penny. The stock exhaust is actually quite nice from a quality perspective.

It is mandated by law to have one installed in every street driven car. You can take the mid muffler out as well, but then it gets very loud. Each converter is fully tig welded with mandrel bends for the best possible air flow.

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces the toxic gases and pollutants in your exhaust gas.

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