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‘butterfly blue’ pincushion flower (scabiosa columbaria) is a rather small plant, but it makes a big impact in the garden with its insanely long bloom time. These mediterranean natives are perfectly at home in the butterfly garden, where their distinctive.

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They make excellent cut flowers and also attract butterflies.

Blue butterfly pincushion flower scabiosa. The pincushion flowers are still blooming. Across (5 cm), atop wiry stems, which hover over the foliage mound. I planted three in fall 2004.

Scabiosa columbaria flutter™ deep blue. Scabiosa plants form a low mound of foliage, and healthy plants may produce 20 to 50 blooms, each held individually on thin stems. Scabiosa, commonly called pincushion flower, is a genus of about 80 species of annuals, biennials and perennials primarily from the mediterranean region but also from other parts of europe, the caucasus, africa, asia and japan.

Does anyone know when i am supposed to prune them? The mature plants are full of blooms. The painted lady, gray hairstreak, variable checkerspot gulf frittilary, white checkered.

Perfect for the front of a border or in a container on a patio or deck. They are also commonly known as the “pincushion flowers” or “butterfly blue”. (='balfluttdelu') a dwarf pincushion flower from the flutter series, featuring flowers that are larger and deeper blue than the popular s.

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It is a popular garden flower known to gardeners all around the world. It blooms for a long period throughout summer and into fall. Scabiosa columbaria 'butterfly blue' common name:

2000 perennial plant of the year. Earlier this week, i counted 121 blooms in flower and more to come. Avoid wet soil in winter.

It does not tolerate excess moisture in winter. The genus name scabiosa comes from the latin scabies meaning the itch in reference to the plant's rough leaves which could supposedly cure. Scabiosa is a compact evergreen perennial flowering plant belonging to honeysuckles family.

Beautiful dutch blue flowers with intricate centers resembling a pin cushion atop wiry stems. Blue pincushion flower is a hardy, prolific plant. It will often bloom continuously from april until the first frost in the fall.

Flowers are attractive to butterflies. With continued deadheading, this cultivar will often bloom through november. Adult butterflies are attracted to the flowers for their nectar.

Tidy plants are valued for mass bedding effects or mixed perennial borders. Both flowers and seedheads are lovely in arrangements. They sit atop wiry stems which hover over the short mound of ferny basal foliage.

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Growing 8 to 12 inches tall, pincushion flower is one of the best plants you can grow if you want to attract butterflies to your garden. Terrific for mass planting, edging the border or in pots. Plant database entry for pincushion flower (scabiosa columbaria 'butterfly blue') with 57 images, 3 comments, and 43 data details.

Blooms over a long period. Its informal appearance also makes this plant perfect for cottage gardens and wildlife borders. Scabiosa flowers earned the nickname pincushion flower thanks to their prominent stamens that emerge from the compact, round blooms like pins in a pincushion.

They bloom all year around. Many of the species have common names including the word scabious. Prefers partial shade in hot summer climates;

Members of the genus scabiosa (scabiosa atropurpurea) are commonly known as pincushion flowers.

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